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Reviewing language in Dogme

September 19, 2011

How do you review language from the last lesson, while still trying to generate naturally emerging topics for your class?

Is the start of the lesson the best time to review language? You’d think so. But if you do that, you are inevitably damaging your chances of getting any naturally emerging conversation driven subject matter for later in lesson.

One option is to make a whole lesson out of the review, e.g. dictogloss using last lesson’s language, but you don’t want to do that every time.

How do other people approach this?


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  1. Hi Oli,

    Just to let you know I carried out the dictogloss the other day as a recycling activity and it worked really well. Have posted on my blog about it. Feel free to check it out.


    • Great stuff.

      It’s interesting that people have strong feelings about the best way to execute a dictogloss. I remember having a long debate about it with a tutor at IH. His personal rules:

      1) it should be a text that Ss are already familiar with

      2) it should be read at natural speed, and only twice


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