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Lesson 2 – Rioting

September 1, 2011

First lesson back after the summer break with my intermediate business class that want to do ‘conversation’ now!

I’m jet-lagged but they’re eager and keen having not spoken English all summer. My prepared lesson goes out the window and a comment about the London riots evolves into a full hour discussion on protests and demonstrations, and the feelings associated with them.

They really want to talk, and it all flows beautifully from one thing to the next. I love how engaged they are with language that they’ve created themselves, not something that’s come from a worksheet.

We’ve got the adjectives ‘furious/angry/pretty angry/irritated/annoyed’ up on the board and energy starts to fade a little. So it’s my only ‘instructional’ intervention of the lesson: “ask your partner about the last time they were furious/irritated”. They report back on their partners’ experiences and from there comes the next 30 minutes, telling stories and looking at emergent language.

Have a look at the finished board.

It works so well when they really want to talk, and Ss told me after the class how much they enjoyed it, but it remains to be seen if they bring this much enthusiasm to the lesson every week.


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